Whirling Dirvish

The thoughts in my mind swirl, unfettered by logic or constraint.  A cacaphony of topics dart in and out . . . weaving, colliding, bobbing, entwining.  Unseen and unhindered by the dance, they move freely between the swirling fabric of continuity and coherence.  A single thread, narrowly escapes and is within reach of lucid expression, but as suddenly as it appears, it is pulled back into the mayhem, and completely lost from view. 

My mind has been the dance floor, crowded with the faithful spinning with abandon in search of enlightenment.  To the outside observer, it is chaotic; frantic even.  The constant twirling distracts and overstimulates the casual celebrant.  However to the practiced, the constancy of movement is cathartic.  In its overabundance of stimuli, a kind of white noise emerges where all the dancers become one.  Moving in concert with one another, the dancers rise and fall with surprising regularity.  Life breathing in , then out…in, and out…an intangible calm placates the clamoring throng.

At last, the dancers collapse in on each other, no longer discernible as individuals.  The twirling fabric comes to rest and all is still.  The mind is at peace.  The body rests.

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