10 Ways to Have Family Fun on 10/10/10

It may just be another day on the calendar, but October 10, 2010 just begs for some special attention.  So why not make it a family fun day?  Here are 10 things that will brighTEN your family fun day!

1.      Worship as a Family

Rise and Shine. Greet 10-10-10 by giving thanks to God for His wonderful blessings. Remember, a family that prays together stays together.

2.      Have Lunch Together

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you’re hungry.  Instead of grabbing a sandwich and sitting on the couch to watch the television, why not turn off all the electronics and break bread together. 

3.      Toss the Old Pigskin Around

Get out in the yard and play ball!  Point out your end zones and have a game of scrimmage.  Don’t have a football?  Toss a Frisbee.  The whole idea is to get outside and do something you and your family will enjoy.  Hut-hut-HIKE!

4.      Take a Bike Ride

You remember that dusty thing in the garage?  It’s got two wheels and a chain?  Pull it out and take a cruise around your neighborhood.  Your kids might not even know that you ride a bike!  Show them some of your old tricks, and then have them show you what they can do.

5.      Decorate the House for Fall

Pumpkins, hay bales, colored leaves and the aromas of cinnamon and spices evoke a feeling of Fall!  Open the windows, pull out the decorations and have a decoration day.  Not only will you have a fun time together, but your house will be ready for all the Fall holidays!

6.      Take a Picnic

No planning necessary.  Just throw some sandwiches in a basket and head out to the back yard or a local park.

7.      Go to a Pumpkin Patch

The great thing about October 10, 2010 is that you know there’s a pumpkin patch somewhere close to you.  Take a trip to the patch and peruse the pumpkins.  Bring your camera because you are sure to have some colorful photo ops.  Pick out your favorite pumpkin and take him home.  He features heavily in Tip #8.

8.      Carve a Pumpkin

Get the whole family involved in a long-standing American tradition.  Carve a jack-o-lantern together.  Have your kids draw up some face ideas…draw some eyes, some noses, some mouths…then pick a different facial feature from each family member and create your one of a kind house-guest.  Don’t forget to toast the pumpkin seeds!

9.      Have a Board/Card Game Day

Pick out a few of your favorite childhood games and teach your kids how to play.  Crazy Eights, Hearts, WAR, Slap-Jacks, Chutes and Ladders, Parcheesi…enough said.

10.  Count Your Blessings

After a day of family fun on 10-10-10, you are sure to have much to be thankful for.  Take a few minutes and let everyone say why they’re thankful.  Can’t think of anything?  Look at your spouse and your children…start there.  I bet you’ll come up with more than 10!  Happy 10-10-10!!

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