3 thoughts on “A Dream is Dead – Long Live the Dream

  1. I’m glad it helped, Amanda. I don’t know what dream has died for you, but I’m glad I can be a good friend to you…and pray for and with you as you work through it.

  2. Thanks Karen! This is exactly what I needed to hear! I am so glad God put you here to help me.

  3. I tried out for Big Brother last year and didn’t make it. I wanted it so bad, and had a feeling I could get on. Then I heard that I’d have to go to Los Angeles during the last part of May and June to go through all the auditions. My heart was aching. My older son was receiving his Master’s and my youngest son was graduating from High School. (I am a widow.) I realized that if I went to these auditions I would be missing some major ceremonies in my children’s lives.

    So, when it didn’t come, sure I was upset, but I realized I would have been more upset had I missed the ceremonies and still not picked for Big Brother…

    I’m still ok, with it, but I did grieve a little…

    Then I realized what an incredible life I have and it was their loss…

    Best wishes!!

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