Weight Loss Wednesday 06-08-11

A week of great triumphs in ministry, but some struggles with my food and activity choices. It’s an opportunity to learn for me, and to grow. Thank you for sharing my journey to health and wellness!

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday 06-08-11

  1. Hey, Mike Mathis Here….I really admire your journey and sharing the way that you are…..You are and always have been an Inspiration especially now to me as i am battling a lot with food and stuff, So be encouraged and keep pressing on,and your gonna WIN.Love you Much!!!

  2. Hey, this is Laura from REC. I just saw your vlog. Let me assure you are not alone. I am on Jenny Craig and didn’t bring the food into the jail with me. Fri night and saturday I did pretty good as far as the portions. (I only ate about 1/3 of the ziti and took most of the desserts home to my hubby (cake, donuts,etc). But I ate all the lasagna and had 3 pieces of pizza. YIKES! It was hard for me too to get back on the wagon. I weigh in on friday morning, so your vlog has given me the motivation I need to make it one more day! I am just hoping to maintain the weightloss so far. Thank you! and you’re not alone!!!! Next week will be easier to stay motivated!

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