Weight Loss Wednesday 7-13-11

On the continuing trek toward better health, fitness and weight loss, Karen Romine brings you the latest installment of Sweet-Tea-Theology’s Weight Loss Wednesdays. If you’re struggling, too – join in the conversation. If you’re looking to be inspired, you might find it here. Let’s battle the bulge together and beat obesity into submission!

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday 7-13-11

  1. Alright, Theresa! Let’s go after it!!! Thank you for saying the sweet things about God’s gifts. I’m glad you decided to check it out, too! šŸ™‚

  2. OK Karen, I’m in! I have decided to start today and get off my butt and move. I’m glad you were given the gifts you have and I’m glad I decided to check out your blog. Thank you God for Karen! :~)

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