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Weight Loss Wednesday 7-27-11

Welcome back to the newest Weight Loss Wednesday!  And guess what??  I’m getting the hang of this whole video/editing/uploading thing…FINALLY!  So this is actually going to go live on Wednesday!  Aren’t you proud?  I know you are.  I’m proud of myself.

Well, my friends – I’m getting ready to start the audition process again for Biggest Loser’s Season 13.  Open casting calls start this weekend and I am totally PSYCHED!  I’ve hit a bit of a plateau…well, not really a plateau, more like a really slightly sloping hill.  I’m still losing, but it’s slower than I would like.  But I’m about to kick it in the booty by starting the reboot entry program again which consists of juicing, vegetables and fruits.  That really seems to work for me…and the best part?  I really like the taste of the food.  I don’t feel deprived and I feel so good as far as my health is concerned.

I’ll be heading to the Hard Rock Atlanta on August 6th for my first open casting call.  My sister, Kimberly and I are going together.  We will have a great time in line and get to meet lots of other people who are looking to get healthy, too.  These events are always a lot of fun.  It’s a unique opportunity to make new friends while having a great time. You don’t know a good time until you hang out with a group of people like that.  A couple of weeks later, I’ll be doing it all over again in Orlando.

Let me just take a minute to thank you all for being so positive and supportive of me through all of this.  I have to say that I have not had a SINGLE negative comment or snide remark since I started with the audition video for Season 12.  If you have ever seen any other videos on YouTube, you will know that people are cruel with their commentary. I am genuinely amazed that I haven’t had to deal with any of that.  What a blessing.

So, without further adieu…here it is:

CORRECTION — Brittany Aberle was NOT on Biggest Loser Season 10.  She was on Season 5.  I blame it on the juice!