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Weight Loss Wednesdays 5-25-11

This is the second episode of Sweet-Tea-Theology’s Weight Loss Wednesdays. The continuing journey to wellness with Karen Romine. Will you accept the call to action to challenge me? I dare you!

Day One – A New Journey Begun (again)

Join me on the adventure to a healthy life.I know this might come as a shock to you, but I am *gasp* overweight.  Not just pleasantly plump or fluffy – I’m what the doctors have rather frighteningly referred to as Super Morbidly Obese.  How’s that for a cutesy name?  

Well, I’ve struggled with weight issues literally my entire life.  Ok, so there was this one time, in first grade, when Mrs. Durschimer said that my mom wasn’t feeding me enough and I was too thin.  But I promise you, I was not!  

I was the smallest of my mother’s babies, but I quickly made up for that.  I remember how proud my mom was when she described how picky my other sisters were about their food, but that I was a great eater.  I would eat anything that she gave me.  And I was the queen of the clean plate club.  Well, the queen is ready to be dethroned! Continue reading Day One – A New Journey Begun (again)