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10 Family Resolutions to Keep Next Year

The beginning of a new year carries with it the inevitable looking back paired with the hope of a fresh start and second (or third) chances.  As the clock moves ever closer to midnight on December 31st, we feel the need to promise to do better than we did last year.  We resolve to lose weight, to be on time, to be better with our money…to stop smoking or drinking or swearing.  By the time January 31st rolls around, many of us have had a relapse in our resolve.

Part of the reason that we fail to keep these resolutions is that we attempt to tackle them on our own.  So, this year, instead of making an individual promise that you’ll soon forget, why not make some resolutions as a family?  You help hold each other accountable and can grow closer in the process.

  1. A Weekly Family Game NightTake one night a week and make it a time of fun!  One week, pull out the cards and play “Old Maid” or “Crazy 8’s,” or teach the kids a game you used to play.  The next week, make it a Wii™ night…let technology bring you together and show the kids you’ve still got it (or at least you know where you left it).  Take a trip to the local bowling alley for a game.  Or pile up the board games on the dining room table and have a tournament.  The act of playing together fosters feelings of fun and family.  Playing board games can teach children important social skills such as taking turns and how to be a good winner or loser. They also learn a lot about interpersonal communication as you talk and laugh together while you play the game. Continue reading 10 Family Resolutions to Keep Next Year