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A New Look at an Old Book: Genesis 4-8

As I read through this section of the scripture, I find that rather than answers I am bombarded with questions. Opportunities to know more about the heart of God because of the things I do not understand. I am thankful that after 32 years in relationship with Him, I am still learning and challenged by the Lord.

Genesis 4:3

Time Passed. So much left unsaid here. What happened during that time?

Why did God not like Cain and his offering? What had transpired to result in such a negative reaction?
Also – I’m troubled by verse 7. This seems counterintuitive to what we know about God. These are the scriptures that are difficult to reconcile with a loving Creator.

Obviously, it was important to Cain and Abel to be pleasing to God. It’s clear from this very brief encounter that the brothers had a personal daily knowledge of God and were well acquainted with him in a way that we cannot understand.

Why does it have to be an “either/or” situation here? Why weren’t both offerings pleasing to God? There is so much here that goes unspoken and causes me difficulty.

Genesis 4:14-15

Is this the precursor to eternal separation from God – or Hell? Cain complains because he will never again face God. Was there any prior knowledge that taking a life would result in this drastic separation? God puts a mark on Cain…what was the mark? How would people know that it was the mark of God?

Genesis 4:26ff

Cain, even though separated from God and banished from His presence, raises his child to be a lover and worshiper of God. Again – so much that goes unsaid.

Genesis 5:3

Adam has a son who is like him in every way. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Adam was God’s first creation and proclaimed Good – but then he was cast out of the garden and made to toil and suffer. Hmmm. I don’t know what to make of that.

Genesis 5:1-32

Why does God spend so much time telling us about the geneology of this people? There is nothing remarkable about their lives other than their names, the age they are when they have children and the age they die. Man, I hope that God has more to say about my life than that!

Genesis 6

This part of the story has always been a little disturbing and seemingly out of place. What is a son of God? I always have heard that it means an angel or a supernatural being (according to the Contemporary English Version of the Bible), but aren’t we also referred to as sons of God? What is the purpose of this brief, seemingly unrelated tidbit of information? This definitely warrants more research!

I think more than anything else in reading this particular selection of scripture, I am moved by the lack of information rather than the content. There is so much here that is left unsaid! Kind of like the 21 years of Jesus’ life that we know nothing about. Makes me wonder what else there is to know. We go from the imagery of God being loving, protective, creative and physically present to Him being filled with regret at the making of humanity! But there’s little to explain the reason for His desire to erase His creation.

Genesis 4:3, Genesis 4:14-15, Genesis 4:26, Genesis 5:1-32, Genesis 6:1-22, Genesis 7:1-24 and Genesis 8:1-22

“I’ll have a steaming cup of clarity, please.”

In case you haven’t guessed, I love Sweet Tea.  It is the nectar of the gods – just ask any southerner.  No meal is complete without at least 2 – 3 glasses of the sugary concoction.  But lately, I’ve been craving something a little different.  I haven’t been able to locate a vendor who can help, so I am hoping that maybe someone who reads this might be able to help.

In January, I celebrated another birthday.  Like most people, the occasion prompted me to assess my life up to this point.  What I came to realize is that this particular candle on my cake served to illuminate the fact that I am not where I thought I would be (or should be) at this point in my life.  This year is a little different than my normal birthday regrets, because for several months, I have been feeling the stirrings of the Lord prompting me to “Go!”  The kicker is that He hasn’t bothered to tell me where, yet.  I’ve had many suggestions from well-meaning and loving friends and family, and all of them are tempting. . .but no real clear arrows pointing to a specific location.  I’m thinking something in the neon family, oversized and obvious, but for some reason, God just doesn’t seem to communicate that way – at least not to me.

Many years ago, I realized that I was called to full-time Christian ministry.  What does that mean, you may ask?  Well, I suppose that it means different things to different people.  It’s one of those “Churchianity jargon bytes” that can mean almost anything, but to me it means that I want to be vocationally involved in the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, that’s still kind of nebulous in terms of direction.  I have a few specifics – or ministry areas that really tug on my heart strings:  First is music, specifically worship and praise music.  Secondly is missions in some form or another.  Another area is writing – inspirational and/or informational.  OK, so how does all of that work together?  The great part about being “called” to ministry is that God takes on the responsibility to make the way.  He just wants us to take that first step in faith.

That’s what I’m doing.  I hear the Lord saying, “Go!”  In the book of Genesis, another person heard a similar directive.

“The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.  4 So Abram left, as the LORD had told him; and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he set out from Haran. 5 He took his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, all the possessions they had accumulated and the people they had acquired in Haran, and they set out for the land of Canaan, and they arrived there. ”  Genesis 12:1, 4-5

I’m getting in my car this summer, with a vague idea of where I’m headed, but trusting that God will show me.  Some may call it foolishness, some may call it faith. . .I only know that I have to “Go!”  I know that I will not celebrate my next birthday looking backward and wondering “Why didn’t I ___________?”  Maybe along the way I’ll come across a hole-in-the-wall café that serves just what I’ve been craving – a large, steaming cup of clarity.